My Roald Dahl Project.

My Roald Dahl Project.

For my Roald Dahl project I chose James and the giant Peach. James and the giant Peach is about a little boy, who lives with his two aunts. The book is very funny but very sad at the same time. James’s parents get eaten by a rhinoceros on the loose. He had to go and live with his aunts. His aunts always referred to him as, you little beast or you spoilt little brat. He lived with his two aunts on the top of a big hill. The house was surrounded by a fence, so he never had any friends to play with.

Why I Made The Peach.

I made the Peach because it would be very simple. It would also be fun, and I wanted an excuse, to get the papier mache out. Things that use Papier mache are always very fun, that is why I have used Papier mache for my Peach.

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