Egyptian Project Week One

Egyptian Project Week One


In school we’ve been set of project on Egypt. I’ve decided to do a mummy in a sarcophagus. First we had to plan it all out. We had a month to do this so I got a plain piece of paper and wrote Egyptian project plan at the top.

Making My Plan.

First I split my page into four then in each section I wrote week one, week two, week three and week four.
In week one I wrote, find instructions, print instructions, find materials, make base model.
In week two I wrote papier-mâché model, paint model, make Mummy.
In week three I wrote research booklet, make notes, decorate booklet.
In week four I wrote finish off unfinished work.

Building the Base Model.

For the base model, I made the sarcophagus. I got an older remote box and a cardboard box and made a dome shape but we made a lid so, we stuck that on with masking tape so it made a hinge. Next we got some tissue paper and made it into a head shape, then we got some more tissue paper and made it into a dome shape then I stuck it all on with masking tape and papier-mached it.

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