Making My Peach

Making My Peach

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Stuff you will need to make my Peach:

Papier mache (need to mix flour and water together).
One balloon (try to make it round).
A place to work on.
Some torn up newspaper.
To make my giant Peach first I got a balloon and we blew it up and we tried to make it into a sphere after that I made some papier mache. I then covered the balloon with papier mache and left it to dry. While it was trying I made the animals out of air drying clay. It was very hard because, by the time we got to the last animal the clay had nearly dried. So we had to act quick. When the Peach was dry we painted it by mixing red and yellow paint together. At the same time we painted the animals. Once they were dry we added the details onto them. When they were dry we stuck them on to the Peach but the grasshopper and the worm and the centipede wouldn’t stay on the Peach so we had to use masking tape to hold them up.

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