starting my tudor house

starting my tudor house

My Tudor House Project

We are studying the Tudors in History. For our year five project we need to build a model of a Tudor house.

My Research

We went toStratfordto find out more about Tudor houses. When we got there, it was very exciting because I did not know what was going to happen in the Museum. We entered the museum and looked around the shop in the Museum for a bit. I then spoke to the man to see if he knew anything about Tudor houses. He said to me that Tudor houses were not black and white they were actually an earthy colour with brown strips of wood to hold it together. We walked through the departments of the Museum and found out lots about sailors in the Tudor times, and lots about Tudor houses, and we found lots out about Kings andQueens, some were only 15 when they died.

Planning My Model

I decided to make a rich merchants house. If he really lived he would really like the house. A merchant’s house would have brick at the bottom, brick was very expensive in those days so only rich people could get them. On top of the bricks it would have a wooden gallery. The gallery would stick out from above the bricks just a little bit. The roof was thatched. The chimney was always made of brick, because it needed to be fireproof.

I decided to make mine quite small, because if I made it really big it would take a long time to finish, and we only have five weeks. It would also take up too much space at school because we have 29 people making houses.


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  1. Hi Henry

    Really impressed with the research and level of detail that you have put into the house, particularly the detailing on the windows. If its OK with you, I’ll be showing my son, also Henry, your blog to give him some inspiration because he loves making things and your photos and instructions are very clear.


  2. WOW. I am glad you made that house out of paper and card.
    Looks fantastic .. And smells great I bet… Much better than if you had used dung.
    Great Job!

  3. Wow your house is fantastic! If any of my girls need to make a Tudor house for school I now know where to come for instructions. Keep up the great work :)

  4. You house is amazing,I am doing a Tudor house as a project at school.My Nan has found your website it has gave us many ideas .Brilliant house Daisyx

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