build that model!

build that model!

How to Build a Tudor House.

First I got two small boxes, one had to be bigger than the other. I glued the two boxes together, making sure the big box was on top of the small box to make a gallery.


Next I cut out thin cardboard strips, that would hold it together.

Next Istuck on the strips of cardboard.

After that I designed the roof and make sure it worked. I made triangles with folding tabs. I folded the tabs over and sellotaped tabs onto the roof.




Mummy helped me make some Papier mache. I stuck it all over the model.

  I then painted the model.





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  1. That is a very good model of a Tudor house, it reminds me of visiting Chester. It was extremely interesting to see your pictures of the model making process as well, thank you.

  2. I’m especially impressed with how careful you’ve been with the papier mache – it’s messy stuff and you’ve made it neat enough that it didn’t hide any of the detail that you’d built out of carboard underneath :-)

  3. It’s brilliant! Many, many, many years ago, when I was about your age, I loved making models of all sorts, so I understand quite how much skill and talent has been invested in the making. You have such a sensitive touch.
    J x

  4. Wow! That is a seriously impressive model. I love all the details and all the different stages you’ve gone through but the bit that blows my socks off more than any other is all the shading and the amount of texture you’ve managed to create on the brickwork on the bottom half of the house. Well done, you should be very proud of yourself.

  5. Wow Henry, that is amazing. I need to find out how to make Papier Mache as my son would absolutely love to try and do this kind of thing. So impressive as a project, and the blog is fabulous.

  6. Wow Henry, that’s such a good way of showing how the Tudors designed their houses, your model is fab!

    Kamal ;0) (online mate of your Mums!)

  7. What a fascinating project and an outstanding end- product, well done! I love the step by step photos as they’ll make it really easy for people to try and make their own house!

  8. the house is seriously impressive! very well done!
    when i was a kid my favourite uncle used to make models and i adored it. he was an architect and i’m sure he would say you would be a brilliant architect. he would love your model as much as i would.
    you have many talents and should be proud of them :-)

  9. I love the thought and detail you’ve put into this project, as well as the pictures to show each stage. My little boy, William, is also going to want to make one of these so your guide will be very handy!

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